About us

We have own production plant allows us to certify the quality and delivery of the material in a timely manner.

From the choice of materials, to development, is controlled by a department from the origin certifying perfect condition of its commercial furniture.




We are a multidisciplinary team of mechanical engineers, industrial designers & graphs that share the same vision: Making a difference from the strategic, creative and commercial.


Foreign commerce

Our team has a proven experience in foreign trade. Braun & Braun not only produces furniture but handles the export of installing it in the same exact spot you need, and in special cases makes import of items needed for the construction of your project.

We perform all its forms (FOB, CFR and DDP (door to door), to neighboring countries (Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay & Bolivia), South America and North America.

We developed a tracking system via the web, controlling and documenting every step of the process and ensuring delivery conditions agreed with the client.


Braun & Braun works with the following organizations seeking to improve the quality of their products:


POPAI Argentina belongs to the global network of Point of Parchase Advertising International (POPAI) entity resulting sixty years ago in the United States.

Professional Association is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the development of activities related to the promotion and communication at the point of sale. Aims to benefit the final consumer, generating better results for advertisers, agencies, distributors, retailers and producers.


INTI: National Institute of Industrial Technology. is an Argentine autonomous public body established in 1957 under the aegis of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Small and Medium Enterprises, whose mission is the development, certification and technical assistance of industrial technology in Argentina.








We are a team of professionals focus and committed to add value on the products of our customers, through the execution of projects and services at points of sale, driving a sustainable competitive advantage along time.



To be recognized in the year 2030 as a company leader in the commercial furniture market in points of sale in the Latin American region for their services provided to national and internationals organizations, exceeding their expectations.



In ByB, the quality of the projects and services is considered as ours greatest responsibility. It forms a priority commitment in its strategy and forms part of the fundamental values of our company culture. Use continuous improvement as a key element to achieve excellence in each of the areas where we develop and maintain leadership.

For the above, ByB establishes the following:

Promote harmony, respect and trust, generating participation and professionalizing employees.

• Have a value chain that guarantees quality, compliance and competitive prices.

• Comply with ethical and legal standards



Braun & Braun and it’s commitment to ecology

A huge percentage of the raw materials that are used by Trade Marketing is wood.

Therefore, Braun & Braun is committed to the responsible use of natural resources, planting 11,000 plants Ponderosa Pine in Patagonia Argentina, spread over 12 hectares.

The yield calculated, is 22 cubic meters per hectare per year from the age of 10 pine.